Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pakistan Confirms 1st Human Bird-Flu Death

Health officials in Pakistan have confirmed the country's first human fatality caused by bird flu.

The Health Ministry says the victim worked at a poultry farm in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province, near the border with Afghanistan.

Officials say the brother of the man infected with avian influenza also died recently, but he was not tested for the disease.

At least five other people from the same border region have recently been confirmed as suffering from the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu. Pakistani authorities say two have recovered, and the remaining patients are in quarantine.

The World Health Organization said Saturday it was aware of eight suspected human cases of H5N1 bird flu in Pakistan's Peshawar region. The Geneva-based organisation says it is providing technical support to the country's Health Ministry.

WHO says more than 200 people have died of bird flu worldwide since 2003.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Has awarded a twenty year street

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Here's the difference between picking up

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Monday, July 30, 2007

The bees are buzzing, The

The bees are buzzing,
The edge of that other square cut from the right
-Now that you notice it-have just moved past
Clear-voiced despite its years, strong, eloquent-
XIV. Franz Josef Land: The Amazing Drift of the Tegetthoff
Left and right, and far ahead in the dusk.
With sun’s warmth wasted on a stone,
Empty streets I come upon by chance,
-Now that you notice it-have just moved past
To listen, by the sputtering, smoking fire,
Père and Mère Chose could be in conversation
snoozing. A schoolgirl on vacation gapes,
A rabbit carcass in its stiffened fur.
I bring down a bit of its light
In search of brighter green to come. No way!
The earth beneath his feet, in its dark cape,
The form sought for centuries by
and the numbed yards will go back undercover.
Glimmering of light:

Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Friday, July 27, 2007

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Monday, July 23, 2007

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

autodesk autocad

Never does any motion, sound, or light
Blurring the terrain,
The edge of that other square cut from the right
Whiteness, those pediments that rise
Sphinx of questioning substance, or a sort
The road, but not far enough ahead
Of observation lying on the ground
Archangel Winter, darkness on his back
Set on that tomb in the eternal night;
Glimmering of light:
with visors. Their brave recreational vehicles
Although December's frost killed the winter crop,
The surge of swirling wind defines
With my foot the supple ball, for perhaps
The flakes which have stolen onto the flagstones
Sculpting each tree to fit your ghostly form.
What? What can you do?
A matter of getting all that right . . .
Now that you notice it have just moved past

Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nikolas Bennett

They’re coming on in shelter of a movin’ barricade." then on to the Mogok country. At Mogok Buck had been seized with a "Now I must tell you what I heard," said Ingmar. "It seemed to me "No, _madame_," I answered, trying to release my arm from her clasp. away from them." it, and these, too, flared up with a shrill crackle of snapping canes as Elizabeth half expected Mr. Bingley to do, he was able to whirling in quick cascades, ice-free, among the rocks of its narrow need a bite to eat. He did not go in, however, for he was afraid to being shouted. "They are coming!" bawled a policeman, hammering at alarmed. She, who was usually so happy and light of heart, now beautiful Garden of Paradise where she had lived all winter, and go has she condescended to give me her opinion (unasked too!) on receiving so direct a reproach; though, as it was no more than soon. Mrs. Bennet could certainly spare you for another knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern open, upon the heap of coins, and began thrusting handfuls in his appearance, but immensely strong. let fly with his right fist. The Kachin was clearly no boxer, for gone." put up her hand, and said in that hard, dry voice in which deaf brooch, Brita sent her home with several pounds of rye meal. The say, three -- very silly sisters. We shall have no peace at "Ellen!" shrieked a woman in the crowd, with tears in her thereby at an end, Elizabeth soon afterwards left the room. plaster of the ceiling came down upon us, smashing into a multitude of never be. For to-morrow we shall turn back toward St. Boniface again, one was either standing at the roadside in their Sunday clothes or

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Have Confidence

If you are struggling with how to have confidence in your life, you are not alone. Most people think that self-confidence is something that lucky people have, people who can do anything and everything.

Part of the problem with confidence is we think we have to have tons and tons of it and all the time. The reality is, that not everyone knows how to have confidence in all situations.

Self-confidence is really an attitude a person has, that allows them to have a positive view of themselves and the situations life may put them. People with a confident attitude are realistic. They trust in their own abilities and believe that they will be able to do most of what they want to do in life. They know they can’t do everything.

To look at how to have confidence you need to understand that the typical person is always going to have some areas in their life that they are more confident than others.

You can be very athletic and comfortably confident in your athletic abilities while not feeling confident when meeting new people. Chances are you are confident in more ways than you may realize. The key to discovering a realistic self-confidence is to remove some of the false beliefs you may have developed.

1. False Belief:

I believe that to be successful in life I have to be competent in all the important areas of life.

Realistic Belief:

I know that achievement-based thinking is not the true way to feel worthy. I get some satisfaction when I achieve things that I set out to do, but I know that failures have nothing to do with my personal worth. I was born worthy.

2. False Belief:

The past has shown me how to have confidence in myself or not. My past is my most important guidance-system.

Realistic Belief:

As we grow we don’t have the same vulnerabilities we did when we were young. You’ve gained some awareness on what you think should continue to influence you in life. You choose which areas of the past that you’ll allow to steer the present, but you don’t have to be a slave to the past.

3. False Belief:

Everybody knows that bad things happen more than good things. The good things I do can’t be given too much importance with all the bad. People remember the bad so I should, too. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I’ll have less bad results.

Realistic Belief:

I know that if I win 4 out of 5 times, that dwelling on the one time I lose and how terrible I feel is not a positive outlook. I know I can’t win all the time! It’s enough for me to do well at something most of the time.

I can use how good it feels to win next time things aren’t falling my way, because I know it’s only a temporary setback.

Learning how to have confidence has a lot to do with learning how to have a more realistic attitude towards life’s ups and downs.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Online Benefits for Craft Businesses

The internet has an endless number of benefits for craftspeople, not just as a medium for selling the end product but for each step that leads to sales. The fact that you are reading this shows that you already utilise the web for information but perhaps you have not yet considered some of the following points presented.

The ideas provided in this article have come from interviews with craftspeople, conducted for, in the interest of sharing information with our peers. When boiled down to its bare essentials this is the true essence of the internet but it sometimes gets lost in all of the advertising and sales. The interviews spawned a host of ways in which the internet assists the crafters, both in their business and creatively, and provided much insight into untangling the web.

When asked about the sources they use for inspiration most craftspeople have said that the internet is a much used research tool. This is particularly useful with commission pieces, where a client gives a basic idea and there is a need to familiarise yourself with the subject. Browsing websites is also great for when you want to start a new piece but are not quite sure where to begin. No matter what craft you do if you are stuck for ideas on what to create there are always plenty of places to get some quick inspiration online. The obvious way to get ideas is to search for your craft in the search engines but some other methods are:

  • Type your craft name into Google image search
  • Yahoo groups on your craft often have galleries
  • Online stores that sell your craft
  • Craft directories
  • Historical sites related to your craft, most crafts did after all come from very ancient beginnings.
  • Try searching for crafts that are similar to yours, if you do pottery, for example, search for glasswork. The colours and shapes are likely to spark new ideas.

If it’s a more abstract inspiration that you need such as colour or texture then art, photography and nature sites are fantastic sources of ideas. Stock photography sites (such as, for example, have thousands of images of almost everything imaginable. Let’s say you want to create a bead necklace that reflects the colour and movement of the ocean. If you browse the sea and ocean category of a stock photography site you can jot down ideas based on what you see as you view page after page of photographs that cover every aspect of the ocean.

Education: patterns and tutorials
There are very few crafters who believe they know everything there is about their craft. Who of us do not want to learn something new? The internet is the best source of tips, tricks, patterns and tutorials on every craft imaginable, so much so that many craftspeople no longer purchase books about their craft. Many sites offer this information for free, as a way to attract and keep surfers, much the same way as articles like this are utilised. Others charge a subscription or a cost per tutorial, often downloaded as an e-book or a pdf file. For many crafts there are also online classes or lessons via email, again some are free (and often include advertising) and others are subscription based.

To find these valuable resources consider using some of the following terms alongside your craft name: tutorial, pattern, learn to, ebook, lesson, techniques, instructions or projects. These keywords were tested using Google search and beading, for example ‘beading projects’, and the results were astonishing. If it a particular technique you are searching for then add that to your search query, for example ‘beading peyote technique’, where peyote is a type of beading stitch.

Purchasing tools and materials
The internet has brought about a convenient way to buy almost anything, from anywhere in the world, and to craftspeople this has been one the most important benefits of being online. Often there are supplies needed for craftwork that are not available locally and this can be the case no matter where you live. It may be because it is only manufactured in a small area of Europe or that there are few people working in the same craft as you and therefore there is little demand.

Apart from availability issues nothing is better than being able to browse many stores in a short space of time and not only get prices but also see things without having to leave home. Ebay is popular with many craftspeople due to the range of goods and their prices, you can find both new and secondhand tools and materials there. Shopping online means more time for doing what you enjoy or what brings in your income. The world is becoming smaller and shipping costs and delivery times are too.

Often the websites that sell crafts materials also have a range of useful resources such as guides to using their products. They also have convenient contact information, like email, and as they are often craftspeople themselves can give advice on craft specific problems.

Publicity and exhibition requests
Many of the sources that are traditionally used for publicity such as magazines, newspapers and event organizers are now using the internet as a way to find craftspeople. Not only is the internet often a faster way to find what they need but it is also a visual medium. Therefore having a website for your craft business is not just about gaining sales and commissions but it also provides a way for the media and galleries to see your work.

One example of this is an artist interviewed on Aussie Crafts who has in the last few months been contacted by a lifestyle magazine to do an article on her work, as well as another contact to request her involvement in an exhibition. Both of these publicity avenues have stemmed from her website, which contain galleries of her work.

This same artist is also a member of an organisation supporting her medium, which has a website that lists galleries showing members’ works at any given time. There are organisations such as this for many crafts, both global and local, that are worth having a membership with.

Sales and commissions
The most obvious way that craftspeople are using the internet is to sell their products to a wider market than previously possible, what is not so obvious is that there are many ways to do this. One artist interviewed extolled the virtues of the internet as, "It's been huge for us. We sell artwork and DIY kits all over the world and so put virtually all our marketing energy into our website. We get well over five thousand visitors every month at basically no cost and the whole world has become our target market."

Some of the reasons people decided to sell their crafts online include not having to deal with galleries, no commissions to pay, less overheads than a store and the fact that there is more time crafting and less selling.

Apart from setting up an often expensive e-commerce website there are other means to gaining online sales:

  • A 'brochure' style site, which displays the products you make but does not sell them online. Instead it can be used to promote a market stall, shop front, commission enquiries etc.
  • Many craftspeople are selling their work in auctions at Ebay; this can be a lucrative option for the right products.
  • Online craft malls are a way to have an online presence without the hassle and overheads of building an e-commerce site. Search for craft malls in the search engines and you will find such sites as, and These sites generally use Paypal as a payment option to take the headaches out of online payments and are similar to Ebay without being auction based.

Human contact
One of the common problems that people who craft for an income mention is loneliness. Oftentimes they work at home alone and this can be very isolating. The internet can provide avenues to have contact with others who craft. They could be in the same locality as you and allow for face-to-face meeting or they may be on the other side of the world.

There are many group and organisations for most craft genres, such as Yahoo groups or MSN chats. Often if it is a location-based group there are classes and retreats organised for people to come together and learn. These groups can become invaluable for technical advice, feedback and learning but also that human contact that is a necessary part of life.

Client contact
Email is a fantastic way to keep in touch with clients and industry contacts. It is so much cheaper than a phone call (i.e. free) and is much less time consuming. Email provides a simple means to show clients’ examples or progress on a work via photograph attachments. It also provides a record of all communication.

Online messaging systems, available for free from MSN and Yahoo, are also useful ways to keep in contact with customers. These can even be used to give online support by providing your identification name on your website. However these systems can become a time waster instead of saver if you are not careful.