Friday, August 3, 2007

Here's the difference between picking up

Here’s the difference between picking up girls at clubs or bars and meeting them on my dating community: First of all, women who go to bars are looking to have fun and not pay for any of their drinks. So like an idiot I would spend $50 to $100 on drinks that I would give to hot chicks in order to get their number or go home with that night...well, it never seemed to work out. Now, on my dating community, which was FREE to join, all of the ladies are single and looking to be picked-up and flirted with. These women want the same things that I do and I don’t have to waste my money at the club and bars where I am sure to get will always hook up with gorgeous single women on the dating site that I belong to!

So here’s the deal, if you want to meet and date gorgeous single women like I have, then go and sign up to the same dating site that I belong to, and you will have a wild August as well....and did I mention that it’s FREE! You will also be entered to win a FREE trip to Jamaica after you sign up..and if you win you’ll go with a HOT single companion!!!

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